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Save the Green Backyard!

In 2012 we learned that despite celebrating much of our work, Peterborough City Council (PCC) were planning on selling the land that the Green Backyard is situated upon for development, putting our future in doubt. An ideal way forward for us would have been to secure a long term lease on the land to continue our community work, however due to the economic climate PCC felt they were unable to do this. As such we have been left with a stark choice of either buying the land outright or leaving and seeing 5 years of hard work destroyed. The feeling that this must not be allowed to happen was shared by thousands of residents who mounted a petition and letter writing campaign, you can read some of their heartfelt comments here.

Why should we stay?

We believe that the economic growth of a city should not come at any cost, and that for Peterborough to grow the right way, into a sustainable and modern city, the voices of its residents and grassroots community groups must be heard. The GBY has already demonstrated its ability to make a significant and positive difference to its users’ lives, differences that create both social benefits and economic savings in areas such as health, community cohesion and education. The tentative, low-cost, volunteer-led developments that the GBY has made over the last 5 years represent the first shoots of real cultural development with people, not buildings, at its core and must not be sidelined in the name of ‘progress’. The GBY now has the potential to become a unique and integral element of the Peterborough landscape that provides far more, both culturally and financially, than any faceless development ever could. We must not allow the destruction of our community green spaces!
To help secure the project we are asking for donations, either one offs or regular, as well as support with fundraising events and ideas. It’s very simple and quick to do and will help the future of Peterborough and its citizens. Please click here to donate now: