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11 January, 2014
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Happy Birthday GBY!

Happy Birthday GBY!

Our wonderful community green space is 5 years old! The gardens are beautiful but by far our most successful crop has been all the amazing people we have met along the way. We’d love to see as many of you as possible so please pop by, share a bite to eat with us and help us remember all the good times we’ve had. Then let’s plan some more for the future too :)

If you can you’re very welcome to bring some food to share, but you don’t have to. The stove and kettle will be on all day and there will be fun and games to play.

We think that what has been achieved in 5 years is incredible, especially considering the disruptions of the last couple of years, so have a think about where you would like to see the next 5 years take us, we’re in the process of making some very big plans for the future so would love to hear your ideas!