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Dear Supporters,
The Green Backyard is a registered charity governed by twelve trustees who are working hard on its behalf towards the goal of securing a bright future. The trustees are in talks with Peterborough City Council and are supported by a team of dedicated volunteers and professionals, including a firm of solicitors, professional fundraisers and a business support team.
We sincerely appreciate all the support you give us and would like to make you aware of the best things you can do now to help.
1. Please express your support of The Green Backyard by donating financially. You can set up a regular donation or make a one-off gift via our website. by following this link: https://www.thegreenbackyard.com/donate/
2. Visit The Green Backyard at one of our upcoming events or on a regular open day (see our website or the ‘events’ tab on our Facebook page for details). If you can, bring one or more friends who haven’t yet discovered The Green Backyard for themselves. Take photos and share your stories of the site with your friends, work colleagues, and families. We’ll need them to donate to us as well.
3. Urgently write to the council and express your concerns over the decision to sell The Green Backyard land. For now, please send those emails to us at info@thegreenbackyard.com – once we have established the correct point of contact at the council we will forward all the emails we’ve received.
Are your objections because the local area needs The Green Backyard as a community green space? Or perhaps because The Green Backyard provides education to local children and adults alike, and supports those recovering from long-term illnesses like depression or stroke? Or because The Green Backyard is a flagship for the Environment Capital aspiration? Do you think the sellers are accurately taking into account the social value of The Green Backyard? Whatever your objections are, please, tell them what you think.
4. Contact your local councillor and MP to express your views about the decision to sell the site (https://www.writetothem.com/ makes this very straightforward). Here is a link to some key political messages you might want to get across (https://www.thegreenbackyard.com/publications/gby-key-messages/). Please be heartened, the decision to sell the land was taken by a small minority, and there is a lot of support within Peterborough City Council for The Green Backyard.
5. There will be lots of work to do as we move forward. As well as the fundrasing campaign, there are events to organise, leaflets to deliver and, of course, there is always plenty of gardening to be done. If you feel able to help in any way then please let us know by emailing info@thegreenbackyard.com with the subject line “I can help”.
We would like to assure you we are in the final stages of preparing a major fundraising campaign to buy the site. We will announce full details as soon as we can. As The Green Backyard is a registered Asset of Community Value the sellers must allow six months for The Green Backyard to formulate a bid.
Thank you again for all the incredible support you give. We’re really excited about what we can all do together in the future.