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Kathy Shaw
Kathy is an experienced community development practitioner, bid writer and grants fundraiser. With over 20 years experience in the community, charitable and statutory sector, she hopes to be part of a team that supports the GBY to be a valued community resource.
She believes the GBY will continue to evolve as the world changes as well as the local area, its presence will make a difference to everyday lives but also part of neighbourhood where it resides and act as a valuable education medium for wider environmental sustainability.
As a local resident, she has experienced the GBY as a space where you can be sociable, have fun, feel calm, make a difference and feel healthy, whatever age you are, she wants many more people to share her experience. Volunteering, upcycling projects, events, courses, sustainable food supply, strong community engagement and the very act of growing are all things which Kathy wants to help support and develop as a trustee.