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Alun Williams

An IT professional whose software runs the POS system of many UK retailers’ tills, Alun began volunteering at The Green Backyard in 2011 after first warning us that he would “probably kill everything”. He now volunteers weekly on Wednesdays, and has used his new found gardening skills to great effect both at the GBY and in his own garden, as well as campaigning passionately on behalf of the project. In 2012 Alun and his fiancée Melanie chose to hold their wedding reception at the GBY after a wedding service in city centre church St John’s, where he is now a church warden. Alun is treasurer to the board of trustees of the charity. Alun has lived in Peterborough since 1984, and is actively involved in the city’s cultural life. He is a director of the St John’s CIC, and promotes and helps to programme talks and concerts in the church. He is also a company member at PECT.