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Two months have flown by and it already seems like autumn is among us.  But before we all wave goodbye to the sunshine, join the party this Saturday at Charters where we celebrate The Green Backyard.

Save The Green Backyard and Peterborough’s favourite boat have joined forces to also raise funds for the green space.  The festival will play host to a range of bands and artists from across the city including:  Tallawah, Moony, Latino Sound, Andy Hughes and more.  Starting at 2pm and finishing late, expect a good crowd and great vibes. The GBY will also be presenting a stall of handmade items for sale (made onsite).
In August we saw another successful Beatroots, but with a twist.  Every set was unplugged, mellow and relaxed.  Tarot reading was among some of the activities, as well as survival skills demonstrations and willow weaving.  Renny as per usual spent most of the day working, weaving and cooking lots of treats from the gardens on the rocket stove.
September’s craft fair introduced a new stallholder to the GBY specialising in handmade leather jewellery (made from old sofas), plus a 10 minute massage demonstration was available as an alternative activity to shopping.  The late summer’s day brought with it a large crowd and a diverse range of art as well as scorching weather.
Over the coming weeks the management team have been discussing Halloween, last year we held a traditional conker championship and activity day to the public.  Dates haven’t been confirmed, but stay tuned as there are plans for another this October, this time with a cider making demonstration (please bring your own apples).
Perhaps the best news of all has been from the two meetings the GBY has had with Leader of the Council Marco Cereste.  Both outcomes have resulted in positive feedback for the organisation to remain in its current location, the next meeting will be held on 5th of November.  However, Christmas marks the deadline for when the power cables will be laid and the organisation seriously needs all hands on deck to help and pitch in with the move.
All three original buildings need to be taken down. Recently we’ve seen a lot of progress, plus we’ve been told that the work will only take a month and then rebuilding can begin in spring.  The GBY welcomes everyone to assist in whatever ways they can, then feel free enjoy the gardens!