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Help us raise the money required to buy the land we’re on and save it from destruction.
We aim to buy the 2.3 acre allotment site that The Green Backyard is located on to prevent the land being sold off to a developer. This would force the closure or relocation of the project, destroy 6 years hard work by thousands of local people and remove one of the very last green spaces from the city centre area. Instead, after buying the site we will seek to develop it into a thriving urban garden with a local food cafe, education centre and enterprise incubation units.

Thriving community green space or development site?

Download our support sign here in either A3 or A4 or get creative and make your own.
Add a personalised message, take a picture of yourself holding it and then Tweet or share on Facebook with the hash tags #SaveTheGBY and #OneSquareFootAtATime

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How can you help?

We urgently need donations, so please donate to our campaign either for yourself or on behalf of friends and family as a gift. You'll be able to print a certificate marking your donation. Please also share our campaign with the people you know, and write to your local politicians to let them know that this is an issue you care about.


Share our campaign

Please let the people you're connected with know about our campaign by sharing it with them. It will really help us reach more people and save this vital community space.

Write to your politicians

Use the Write To Them website to find out who your local ward councillors are and MP is, and quickly and easily send them a message to tell them why you would like them to support The Green Backyard.