Projects & Funding

We’ve been really fortunate to have the support of several funding bodies to support our activities. Our projects completed in recent years are summarised below.

Keep on Growing

SHED (Sustainability, Health, Environment, Development) (charity no.1185591) made a donation to The Green Backyard in response to the covid-19 pandemic to use the site in order to supply vulnerable people with raised beds to be able to feed themselves self-sufficiently.

This led to a wide variety of produce being grown on site as well as plants being started off to go into the beds at recipients’ own homes.

Site Hygiene Improvements

We were successful in winning a grant from the Local Community Fund to improve and expand our animal enclosures (for ducks and chickens at the time).

In February 2020, we received confirmation that we could reallocate this money towards a site hygiene improvements project, which was a welcome opportunity when the covid-19 pandemic hit.

We were able to plan several site developments to improve onsite hygiene, particularly an additional tap on site and three hand-washing stations as well as a dedicated humanure composting area.

Our ‘tippy tap’ handwashing stations are foot-pedal operated, meaning hands can be washed without touching the frame or bottle, stopping the spread of coronavirus

Community Learning Trust

Using taster sessions to stimulate interest, our Community Learning Trust contract, funded by City College Peterborough, enables us to reach out to people in our community to provide a series of land-based education that provide a range of practical, social and theoretical skills in horticulture, cooking and volunteer resilience.

Wonder Women

Wonder Women, is a pilot project looking at the benefits of creative activities to health and wellbeing through social prescribing. 

The project has been developed by PCVS (Peterborough City Voluntary Service) along with women from Peterborough via the Women’s Forum. 

The project will work with women from 3 specific areas in Peterborough that have been heavily impacted by Covid-19 and support them to overcome the effects of the pandemic, build confidence to go out and meet others and grow self-esteem. The Green Backyard, in partnership with Rose Croft, is delighted to be leading on nature-based workshop activities for the project. 

Wonder Women is in partnership with PCVS, Metal, Arts and Minds, Living Sport, The Green Backyard, Open Door Trust and social prescribing link workers. The funding for this programme is from Arts Council England and Thriving Communities.