The original shop on our site at The Green Backyard is now run by Refill Revolution. They stock local, ethical and organic food and household items. Their aim is to create an easy way of shopping to reduce waste and promote sustainability. 

Just bring along some empty containers and Julie at Refill Revolution help you with the rest! Any old jars, bottles, containers, margarine tubs, you name it, she can fill it. Oh, and don’t forget a bag or box to carry it home in, too. ⁠
Stock includes household liquids (anything you might need to clean you, your family, or your house), plus dry foods (think pasta, nuts, cereals, grains, herbs and spices), and plenty more everyday household items that all reduce our waste and plastic consumption. ⁠
Julie is super relaxed and very helpful, just come armed with containers and questions!
Opening  hours will be Thursday 9 to 6pm, Friday 9 to 4 and Saturday 9 to 4pm.