Becoming a volunteer is a very fulfilling experience. Not only will you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience you will be able to pick up new skills as you work with others on various projects and routine tasks. There is always a friendly buzz about the place, an ear to listen and new friends to be made.

No two days are the same and there is always the opportunity for you to bring new ideas to put forward to the Board, and we like to work in an inclusive way. We welcome feedback, whether informally through discussions at the site, or via periodic surveys we send out, all we ask is that it is conducted constructively and in a way that is respectful to others.

We are a family friendly organisation and welcome people of all ages to our site.

Before you complete your application form please read our Code of Conduct as you will need to agree to abide by its terms before your application can be considered. This is because we need to make sure everyone who helps and supports us has the right approach, as it is so important with a community based project that everyone works in a way which is respectful to others.