Code of Conduct

The Green Backyard is a safe, relaxed and positive environment for our guests to visit. As a member of the volunteer network you are key to achieving and maintaining this objective.
We have therefore put together a Code of Conduct which we feel reflects and supports these aims. We reserve the right to take appropriate action over any breach of the Code of Conduct.

  • All works are to be carried out in a safe way adhering to health and safety guidelines and where appropriate wearing the correct personal protective equipment.
  • All tasks and projects are to be carried out in a way which supports our green credentials and promotes our environmental values.
  • All communication is to be carried out in a respectful and constructive way, understanding and appreciating that we all have a valuable contribution to make.
  • All fresh produce, grown on site, remains the property of the GBY and are available to purchase through our Market Garden and onsite shop “Backyard Food”.
  • All reasonable measures should be taken to ensure the site remains secure by following the correct opening and closing procedures.
  • All dangerous and flammable products must be handled in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines. And where applicable you maybe required to attend training and sign a confirmed understanding of COSHH.
  • All tools and equipment you use during your visit must be put away and returned in the same condition in which it was borrowed.
  • We are a family friendly site so no alcohol or recreational drugs can be brought onto the site.
  • If you see any unacceptable behaviour, or feel that you have been subject to unacceptable behaviour, please report it through the correct channels to ensure everyone feels safe and valued.
  • All feedback and ideas for improvement are welcomed. And if you think something isn’t working we want to hear about that too. All we ask is it is done so in a constructive way.
  • We value and rely on the support of our volunteers, and appreciate that sometimes other elements of your life get in the way and need your focus. However we do ask that if you have committed to a task, if you are unable to attend or complete a set task you inform us with as much notice as possible so we can try and make alternative arrangements.