Equal Opportunities Policy

Author: Sophie Easteal

Authorised By: Trustees (February 2021)


Our commitment

This policy applies to our trustees, our visitors, service users (e.g. those joining our contracted education projects) and suppliers (e.g. those providing products to Backyard Food).  We will not discriminate unlawfully against anyone using or seeking to use the services we provide.

We are committed to:

  • providing equal opportunities for our volunteers and service users and to avoiding discrimination;
  • putting in place reasonable adjustments where we can, to remove or reduce any substantial disadvantage faced by a volunteer or service user, which would not be faced by a non-disabled person; and
  • ensuring that The Green Backyard site is free of harassment and bullying and that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Trustee Recruitment and Volunteer-Leader Engagement

Our recruitment and engagement practices aim to attract applicants with the skills, qualifications and experience required for the role, irrespective of their background. 

A diverse leadership supports us to better understand the needs of a diverse range of stakeholders.  We may therefore take positive action to improve our diversity amongst our trustees or volunteer-leaders.   We will ask prospective trustees or volunteer-leaders whether any adjustments are needed to participate in the selection process, and promote our opportunities through multiple channels. 

Volunteers with criminal records

We recognise that potential volunteers may have criminal records, and may be reluctant to apply for volunteering roles where they would be required to disclose details of their unspent convictions.  The Green Backyard undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against anyone on the basis of a conviction or other information revealed.  Any information request will be proportionate to the nature of the role that the volunteer might be undertaking.  We will not rely on criminal history as our only way of deciding whether someone is suitable to volunteer with us.

Training of our Trustees and Volunteer-Leaders

We will provide information and guidance to those involved in decision making where equal opportunities issues are likely to arise to help them understand their responsibilities and to avoid the risk of discrimination.

Your Responsibilities

Everyone involved with The Green Backyard is responsible for supporting the charity in meeting its commitment and avoiding unlawful discrimination. 

Acts of discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation against visitors, volunteers, service users or suppliers are disciplinary offences and could lead to trustees revoking membership or volunteer access.


If you experience a level of discomfort or disagreement with something that happens when you are engaging with our charity’s activities, please raise any concerns promptly with the trustees and they will be investigated in line with our complaints policy.  It is possible that others are not aware or have not considered the impact of their actions, have not understood our policy, or possibly our practices need to be updated. 

Monitoring and Review

Trustees will review and take action to introduce training, procedures and activities to improve equality of opportunity at The Green Backyard.   This policy will be monitored periodically to judge its effectiveness and will be updated in accordance with changes in the law.