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Welcome to The Green Backyard. We are delighted you are interested in becoming a volunteer, as we have so much we want to achieve, and there are so many ways in which you can help.

Please visit our projects page to find out more about what we have achieved so far, get a flavour of what is to come and see how you can be a part of it.

We promise to respond within 14 days upon receipt of your completed application.

If there are any questions you would like to ask ahead of applying please email

    Code of Conduct

    * I declare that I have read and understood the terms of The Green Backyard Code of Conduct.

    About You

    To ensure we keep everyone safe we need to know a bit more about you and the details provided will need to be validated if your application is conditionally accepted by providing one of the 3 documents.

    Either an in date Passport or your Birth certificate or your Driving License.

    You will also need to bring evidence to confirm your living address, and this can be a domestic bill dated within the last 3 months.

    *Your Full Address

    Please provide at least one contact telephone number and your email address.

    How do you prefer to be contacted?

    Do you need us to make any reasonable adjustments to enable you to become a volunteer?

    Do you have any medical conditions that we would need to be aware of so we can keep you supported and safe whilst you volunteer?

    Have you previously volunteered for the GBY?

    Do you know anyone who is currently a volunteer? If, yes, please state who you know.


    Before you are able to become part of our highly valued team of volunteers, we need to take up two references which you will have provided us with below.

    These must be from individuals who have known you for more than two years, and are over the age of 18.

    If possible, one needs to be from a previous employer.

    Your two referees cannot be related in any way or live at the same address as you.

    If you are under 18 we can accept references from your school or college tutors.

    We will contact your referees by email so please ensure you provide email addresses for your referee.

    Referee 1

    *Home or Business Address:

    Referee 2

    *Home or Business Address:

    Personal Declarations

    A conviction will not necessarily exclude you from volunteering with us but will be taken into account when assessing your suitability for the role. All information you provide will be held in confidence.

    If any of the information you have provided us with is found to be incorrect or misleading, it may disqualify you from volunteering and your association will be terminated with immediate effect.

    * I understand that I remain solely responsible for any personal belongings I may bring onsite and that The Green Backyard are not responsible should they become lost or damaged however this may have occurred.

    * I understand that if my application is successful, it is a voluntary position and is not intended to be a contractual appointment.

    * I understand that my volunteer role will be terminated immediately if I bring alcohol, recreational or banned drugs onto GBY property, or if I am physically or verbally abusive to any other volunteers or guests to our premises. This list is not exhaustive. For full details of our disciplinary policy please visit the website.

    Do you have any unspent criminal convictions?

    If, yes, please provide details on any unspent criminal convictions:

    You can find our Equal Opportunities Policy here.

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